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San Base is a Canadian artist, born in Russia. Since early childhood, he showed an aptitude toward arts, and at the age of 12 he was accepted into a Fine Arts school. Soon after, he discovered another passion - the mathematics. As an admirer of both art and science, he faced a tough decision as an adolescent - to accept an offer to Surikov Academy of Fine Arts (one of the most prominent art schools in Russia) or to go to a technical university. In the end, he selected a program in applied science and graduated as a cybernetics engineer, but he never gave up painting. He moved to the Ukraine and excelled in his as a programmer. Meanwhile, San Base dedicated all of his free time to painting and perfected his artist skills. In the early '90s, Base invented the concept of Dynamic Painting by combining his two strengths - programmer's skills and love of art. He immigrated to Canada in the mid '90s and over the last decade he perfected the technology behind Dynamic Paintings. And now, brilliant results of his genius work can finally be discovered in galleries throughout the world.

The concept of Dynamic Painting was discovered almost by fluke. The economic collapse of the former USSR in the nineties had a devastating effect on all aspects of life. Art supplies such as brushes, paints and canvas became hard to come by. One day, San Base managed to stock up on paints, but he could not find canvases, not even pieces of throwaway cardboards to paint on. It occurred to him that since he drew for his own pleasure, he could just paint over his old pieces of work. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. When San Base started painting over his old works, he noticed something peculiar about the way he was doing it. While painting over the old images, San always subconsciously tried to select colors in such a way, that the latest work in progress would always harmonize with the old image being painted over. This phenomenon seemed intriguing to him, so he purposefully began transforming the same picture over and over again, achieving interesting results in the process. The paintings attained another dimension - the dimension of time. But the process itself was too laborious; the paints and canvas were far from being an ideal platform for implementing the newly discovered concept. It occurred to San Base that a computer or TV screen would be a much better device for bringing pictures to life than a real canvas. This is where his computer engineering background came handy. San Base put the brushes aside and started developing a program that could help him automate the image generation and transformation. The new medium was born.

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